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How many outlets should I put on one circuit???

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Hi, I'm a newly trained electrical contractor in Sacramento, CA.
I have lots of questions so here's one:

How many outlet's should I put on one circuit?
I know there's an 1800 watts (120V X 15A) capacity on each circuit but should I calculate the appliances that's going to be used on those circuits up to ALL 1800 watts??
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Johnny! I am beginning to wonder about your training. What do you mean by newly trained electrical contractor? Do you have your license? are you getting started? How much residental training or experance do you have? Where did you come up with the 1800 watts for each circuit. Do you know how to read the code book? Answer some of these questions for me then I can help you more.
Where did the 1800 watts come from?
MIke, there can be other outlets in the bathroom, but one must be located within 3 feet of the sink and all outlets must be gfci protected
Mark, Thanks to you I had to dig mine out.
Do you think we scared Johnny off??????
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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