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How many miles on your rig?

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I just turned 140,000 on my F150, it got me to thinking about this:

140,000 miles / 11 MPG

This sucks - 12,727 gallons of fuel at roughly $2.25 per = $28,635.75.

It was a long drive with a broken radio and it is difficult to read CT on the iPhone while driving down the freeway.
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Just turned the odo over for the 4th time not too long ago. 406,xxx miles on my 82 F-150. My truck only has a 5 digit odo so this is pieced together from the previous owners that I've tracked down. It's on it's 2nd 351W. Original transmission, transfercase, and axles. They don't build em like that anymore. Runs like a champ.
GMC Savanna 3500 with 102,000 and I'm on my 3rd motor and second trans.:rolleyes:
17,000 on my 08 Chevy 2500. Not quite a year old yet.
141,000 on a 2001 Ram 2500. Rebuilt the front end at 110,000.
Just turned 200 grand last week on my '99 dodge diesel. Its just getting started.
I turned my 99 ford 250 over to my 16 year old this spring with 255,000 on original motor and tranny. 7.3 psd avg about 16 mpg. My new rig is 03 same set up, but with long bed.:clap:
128,500 on an '02 3/4 ton chevy pick up still still runs good.
I've got 144K on my '99 Ram pickup, 11 mpg and for sale. Not a good truck, keeping it would be throwing good money after bad.

New (to me) '05 Chevy cube van has 53K, carries everything I need and even comes with a work bench :thumbup: 12 mpg you'd have to pry it from my cold fingers.
GMC Savanna 3500 with 102,000 and I'm on my 3rd motor and second trans.:rolleyes:
What in the hell are you doing to that thing?

99 GMC Burban 2500 454 4x4 140,000.
92 Chev Silverado 2500 4x4 520,000 KM (approx 323,000 miles)
98,000 miles on a 2004 Dodge Ram Hemi........ONE MORE PAYMENT!
88,000 on a 2006 crew silverado (bought last March w/36k) 16.2 mpg

173,000 on a 93 Chevy 3/4 t (traded my dad a dumptruck for it) 16 mpg

84 GMC 366 18'box w/ 84k actual
2007 GMC 2500, 20,000 miles.
98 4 runner 256k miles orignal motor trans brakes 3 times
2003 Chevy/Duramax 1 ton, 16mpg average, just rolled past 200k. New injectors at 100k. I am not looking to trade anytime soon.
2007 Frontier-28,000. New clutch at 27,000.

Going in for new tires Monday.
1 - 20 of 91 Posts
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