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This includes time:

- log analysis to determine keywords
- writing content
- contacting other sites for the purpose of adding inbound links
- anything else?

Please share your hours spent per WEEK.

PS. I intended to make this a poll but forgot to select the checkbox.

Anyway these are the options

1-2 hrs
2-4 hrs.
4-6 hrs
6-8 hrs
8-10 hrs

Maker of Fine Sawdust
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Couple hours a year, usually to add new pics.

Kerdi & Ditra Specialist
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I make it an absolute written in stone rule to spend at least an hour a night working on my two sites.
Right now they are basically the number one lead generation source for my business and it works well if done correctly. In that hour I may add a blog post, add photos, tweak something that is bothering my ocd, or simply help someone out on forums and q&a type sites such as yahoo answers. A lot of these backlinks do not draw customers from my region but they do add authority and "google juice" for my sites. That never hurts.
See, five minutes down, 55 to go. :D
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