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how far do you drive for a quote?

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went out on one this morning- 63kilometers (40 miles) it took 1 1/2 hrs each way. This was a quote for crown molding, several rooms in this house.

Tom tom couldn't find it! not surprised there, it seems to not like rural roads- it did get close though. Again, my blackberry googlemaps app did the trick!

so I get there, turns out that the lady that phoned got it wrong, the guy (HO) said it was for installing casing on 4 doors- one side only! sheesh!!!!

ok well, them's the breaks I guess - but I quoted for a day's work, as it would pretty much occupy a whole day.

saw a squashed skunk on the highway though! LOL man that sucker stunk.
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Well, then the day wasn't a total loss.;)
saw a squashed skunk on the highway though! LOL man that sucker stunk.
If you're driving out that far, either you or the HO is losing money. 3 hrs of commute is 3hrs x your hourly rate (let's say $50)= $150 of lost time. Gas, kms, now you're closer to $175. A $300 job becomes $475. OR a $300 job becomes $125, cut it however you like.

I stay within a 30 min. MAX commute time, each way. That's MY limit. I'll eat that cost.

If somebody calls me for a quote outside of that range, I either refer them to a buddy GC/trades guy, or tell them straight up that I'm charging for my time to-and-from.

Count your bottom line, "if it don't make dollars it don't make sense (cents)"!:thumbup:
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I will go as far as 1 hr for a cold call but a previous customer who has moved there is no limit. I have gone to the Poconos (2hrs), Adirondacks (4 hrs), and even NYC up to 2 hrs depending on traffic.

They were all handyman work but the customer wanted ME to do it. All T&M -travel included.
I learned really quick not to go more than 20-30 minutes away for a job you might not even get. And 20-30 minutes around here may mean 10-15 miles max.

Of course referrals are something different all together.
I don't go anywhere unless I have interogated...I mean qualified them.
We go up to 2 hours. But try to keep it under an hour and a half
I hate leaving town so, about 25 blocks!!
I go up to an hour. After that there is a charge, most of the time.
Up to 45 minutes. Try to keep it in and around an hour or so for a referral, or a good, qualified larger job.
As far as they are willing to pay. :shifty:
I like to stay on my street 2 or 3 miles north 2or 3 miles south . I haven't left the street in 3 years . :thumbup: John
30 miles or so for us.

do you guys go alone or take some one else with you? my brother and i always go to look at jobs togeather.
I keep it at around a 20 mile radius. My sister called me this past weekend and told me she is putting her place up for sale next spring and wants to update the place (kitchen, baths, floors, etc.) It's in Wayland, MA and I'm in Central NJ. A little bit out of my radius:rolleyes:
Wayland is a nice town within my radius:shifty:

Usually I stick within 45min unless I get some decent qualifiers.

If I'm traveling a bit far I will go on Bing Maps and get a birds eye of the neighborhood, assessed values etc. (If I'm not familiar already) A good chunk of my jobs come from neighbors looking over the fence. If I see the neighborhood full of Rich Jones' than I head on over.
So far in my young career I have spent very little on marketing and advertisement (knock on wood), so far, so to me its money well spent.

A long distance strike out does suck, but at least go down swinging.
I do the same thing, the Internet is very powerful. All the information you could ever need is there...if you know where to look.
If I'm traveling a bit far I will go on Bing Maps and get a birds eye of the neighborhood, assessed values etc. (If I'm not familiar already)
Depends on how hungry I am...:thumbsup:
Most all of our work is at least 30-45 miles one way, often much more. We have been asked to go to the Antilles Islands to install store displays at an hourly rate plus lodging and perdeim. The job was to last at least 90 days but we had other work coming up to keep us closer to home. The farthest has been 1200 miles one way to Billings Montana to side a single home for Pacesetter to settle a lawsuit filed by the homeowner, it paid just fine thank you.
Half hour as a norm, but have traveled up almost 2. Got the job out there, and it payed just fine...Have another cusomer that I do work for every year that is and hour and a half. I do spend a couple of extra minute with them on the phone before I head out the door.
If the job is right most of this area...MOST....:whistling

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