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How does this press release read

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I'm launching a new product and would like your opinions on this press release.

Thanks for looking

Siding Goes Green and local company leads the way towards saving our planet

The green movement has taken hold this decade. People everywhere are recycling plastics, driving hybrids changing to fluorescent light bulbs and using cleaner fuels. Farmers are becoming more environmentally conscious, using less chemical pesticides and applying more biodynamic or organic practices. Builders are building better homes utilizing super energy efficient windows and green insulations techniques, all in an effort to save the planet.

Now finally siding makes the turn and joins the green movement with a new exciting product; Fiberglass siding. Unlike the pvc’s used in vinyl siding Fiberglass is non toxic, does not off gas during the manufacturing, and will not leach toxins into the soil when disposed of in landfills. The pultruded product uses 10% recycled fiberglass, made from glass fibers, which is made from sand, an organic substance. Pultrusion is a process where by Fiberglass strands are “pulled through” a form and formed to specific shape. Marvin windows for instance use a pultruded fiberglass frame and sash. “It looks more like real wood than anything we’ve ever seen” says Bruce Peter, Owner of Just Exteriors Plus a local siding company. “Like everyone else we’re concerned about the environment. Fiberglass siding represents a quantum leap towards saving our planet and is endorsed by the green building industry. It’s almost 100% thicker than conventional, vinyl siding, comes with a 50 year warrantee and is available in ten colors, two finishes and two horizontal profiles.”

For more information about Fiberglass siding and other green, energy saving products for your home, contact Just Exteriors Plus at xxx-xxx-xxxx