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How does an Australian Plumber get a visa to work in the US

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I am an 24 year old male Australian citizen and have just recently finished an apprenticeship in plumbing and have been going to TAFE (tertiary study) and studying part time as well as working full time for the past four years. Upon completion of my study/apprenticeship i received a certificate III in plumbing. I have been working in the plumbing industry for the past five years and am very familar with the plumbung products/fiitings/practices used in the us. i have saved up a rather large amount of money to make the move overseas to the US, where i would like to temporarily establish myself and make a living working in the feild of plumbing. i lived and worked in the US for roughly 6 months on a J1 visa in colorado up in the ski feilds in 2004/2005. I have read and studied the requirments outlined in applying for the different types of US VISA’s on the US immigration websites. However i am still unsure if i qualify for, if any, one of these visa. If anyone could assist me in this matter in any way and provided as much informatioin as possible i would be very gratefull for the advise given.

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This seems to be the going thread so I'll post again.

No way in hell do we need another male plumber in the USA. Now if you were of the fairer gender we would welcome your plumber's butt over here.

A couple of pics to further illustrated my point:


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