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How do you post pics??

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I'm not the most computer savy person and was curious how you put pictures on the forum?? Thanx in advance...
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at bottome when you respond or start a thread.

Manage attachements,

browse computer

click on pic and attach then up load and whamo there you go.
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Or, under the "Site Help and Suggestions" sub-forum, there's this sticky -

Don't forget to read through the FAQ when you join a new forum. That way, you don't start threads like this one.
A little lurking goes a long way...

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You need 15 posts first.
I did go to the faq part and found manage attachments but cant figure out how to upload a picture. I tried putting in the # located at the top of the pic in my computer (something like DMCO3912) and clicked upload but it just said uploading picture for like five mins and didnt do anything. Should I have waited longer? It usually doesnt take that long.
Thank you framerman, we must have been typing at the same time...
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you have to have 1,000 posts before you can post pics

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