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How do you get on bid lists and see upcoming projects and make a bid to that firm???

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I have been installing floors for 10 years and have a team of contractors but I am currently trying to take on bigger commercial jobs and I see all these jobs going on in downtown. I have called all these firms and builders that are running the sites and I have called them all and ask how do I get on your bid list they then transfer me to a voicemail I leave a message and I never get anything back. How are all these other companies placing bids on these jobs?????
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why do you want to be on a bid list and compete against 20 other contractors for someone who only wants the lowest bid

i wont bid on anything with more than 3 bidders
I set up a user name on this site.

You fill out the form and get notified on jobs in your area.

I have only bid on three on the site,

One of the GC calls me direct now, for bids,
I've been getting invitations to bid on commerical jobs (retail build outs) and I honestly have no idea how they get my information. The CM/GC's are always out of state firms.

They either call or email me with drawings and trades needed. Never thought to ask how they find me. Some I bid, some I don't.
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