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Not a lot there for G to read.

<title>Flat Roof Repair, Restoration, Replacement - St. Louis, MO Flat Roof Specialists</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<meta name="description" content="The Flat Roof Company specializes in flat roofs throughout the St Louis, MO area. We do ONLY flat roofs." />
<meta name="copyright" content="The Flat Roof Company" />
<meta name="author" content="Michael J. Allton, Stadia Studio" />
<meta name="Language" content="EN" />
<meta name="Charset" content="US-ASCII" />
<meta name="Distribution" content="Global" />
<meta name="Rating" content="General" />

No analytics code, No G verifier code.
Has it ever been submitted to G and all the other search engines?
Has it ever been submitted to any directories?

Do you change it daily, weekly, or monthly?

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I kinda have to laugh about the number of posts that show up on this forum website guy says this or that.

Flatrooferstl...I'm not laughing at your site or your dilemma. Your site is pleasing to look at and seems pretty user friendly the problem is you have virtually no backlinks....very few pages indexed and a host of other issues.

Its not enough to build a good looking also needs to be promoted.

My suggestion would be to get your web guy to lay out a plan on how he plans to promote your site.

Post that plan here and get some opinions....there are a number people on here who can provide some input to you to make sure you're not wasting time or money.

Below is a sample of a partial quote we provided one of our latest clients. Now...before the bashing starts there are a couple things on here I don't recommend to most people but this client wanted it completed.

The point of showing you this is to give you a starting point for developing a plan.


To increase organic search engine listings for your website and maximize the amount of content your keywords ranks for in the search engines.

We are interested in the long term success and viability of your website. Therefore, we will not implement any strategy or content that jeopardizes your site’s good standing with Google and the major search engines for a couple “quick top ten listings.” These great listings often only last about a week or so before the search engine catches on and removes you from their listings (called Black Listing).

Instead, we implement only those techniques the search engines encourage and request. Our philosophy is to get what we want (great listings) by giving them what they want (great content). For this sort of ranking process, you should start seeing your website ranked for target keywords within 60 to 90 days from implementation.

Services Offered and Implemented
Ranking with the search engines is a holistic process that balances and maximizes all aspects of your website that the search engines valuate to rank you. Therefore, though one service alone may help your site, only a balanced approach will yield top results.

  • Keyword Research and Selection: With your input and using our market research tools, we will determine the keyword phrases that will give you the best chance of ranking. These keywords have a good ratio between the number of people searching them and the number of websites competing to rank for them.

Deliverable: Upon completion of research, we will provide you with an excel spreadsheet, listing the terms we’ve identified for your market. For each keyword phrase, you will get the following data:

    • Number of Searches
    • Number of Websites Competing
    • Search vs. Competition Ratio

  • Article Writing: Concentrating on the keywords with the highest potential for ranking, we will write articles for you and distribute them throughout our distribution network. Each article will serve three functions: to provide your visitor with useful information that matches their likely expectation when searching the keyword phrase, and secondly, to encourage the visitor to perform a specific call to action. Most importantly, to rank with Google and other search engines for the targeted keyword.

Deliverable: The amount of articles we write for you will depend on your needs based on the keyword research. However, we always provide at least 1 initial article and the 3 rewritten articles.

  • Linking Strategy: Alongside original content, inbound links (when another theme-related website links to yours) go a long ways with the search engines. To increase your long term rankings within the search engines, you want to have several websites in your market linking into you. We have several powerful linking strategies that we can implement:
· Article Submissions: web publishers constantly need articles for their newsletters, websites, and information portals. Rather than write these themselves, they look for free articles they can use. If we provide some well written articles to them (different from what appears on your site, because we want your content to be completely original), they’ll publish them on their websites, again with a link back to your site. We cannot tell you the exact number of submissions do to the fact some directories/sites only allow content from specific niches.
· Blog Network: We own and belong to a number of blog networks. We will submit the content we create for you into these networks. This will add links to your website and the content we have submitted for you.
· Social Bookmarking: We use an automated program to bookmark your site as well as the content we publish for you. This technique will add additional links to your landing page and the content that we publish for you.
· 3 Way Links: This is anoptional service that you have the opportunity to take advantage of. If you choose to take advantage of this service you will be required to add two resources pages to your website. We will work with you to ensure that the pages are added properly.

Deliverable: Because we have no control of the content on your website we cannot predict how well your site will convert. Because of this we will measure the effectiveness of your campaign by the number of links to your website and the content published. I’ll rely on you to track the visitors to your site and the sales generated.

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All of the above advice is good. I'll just add that page rank is relative to the niche you are in. It is a ranking for the whole Internet, which is pretty much useless, unless you are trying to be the next Facebook. It means next to nothing for a local service professional.

Google has even said publicly that they do not use it as a factor in their algorithm. It is simply a geeky metric.

I have a PR1 site (for 5 years now) that makes me a good living because it is a super small niche and I have PR4 site that struggles because it is a much bigger niche.

You need relevant content and local links to your site.

How well you do also depends on the size and density of your market. It is much easier to rank highly for Maybury than Gotham.

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Flatroof You can start here leave a link in your signature. Join you can leave links on home page. There are hundreds of places to get free links.send me a PM.

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PR is all about backlinks.

The way I explain it to my clients is like a voting system.

Every website can vote for another website. If they link to you that means they vote in your favor which increases your PR

The higher a websites PR the stronger their vote is worth.

If there is a link to your website but it is nofollow... then it is not a vote but simply a link and nothing more

So you want to post your links on as many high PR websites that allow follow links as you can. Do not trust automated services and do not spam websites.

If you post good content they will keep your link there. Let me know if you have any more specific questions.

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ummm Pr means absolutely nothing when it comes to serps, You do not need to have a pr at all to rank high on Google or other se.

Backlinks are worthless too , unless they are quality backlinks. You can have 5000 backlinks that mean nothing or you can have 20 good ones and do a lot better.

Most people do not know anything about serp.

Worry about your tags meta title, description and keywords. They dont count as much but believe me they help a lot when surfers see your page on serps.

Work on getting your paged linked in industry backlinks, here is a good place to start though I am not sure if it is do follow or not here. Im sure someone here knows. But , work on getting quality do follow backlinks.

Offer good content, write enough content on your site for google to even consider it.

Check google adwords keyword tool to find quality keywords you should be using.

Google only cares about your content and quality backlinks.

Roofer with a vision :)
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I stared with no PR at all (0 is better than nothing) ... any way - for me it was a combination of on-site optimization (title / description / internal links with anchor text, etc), good content (imho ... people find it useful - therefore its good):clap: and I created a roofing directory to exchange links with roofing and related construction websites. Back links is what eventually drives traffic to your site. (ps - right there is a little link... though mostly useless :laughing:).

I recommend you do the same (base on my more-than-positive experience). Exchange links with quality roofing/construction websites, but read up about it before you blindly jump in.

About PR or Page Rank:

There are a few "SEO gurus" here that preach the death of PR and its uselessness... while that (future death of Google PR concept) may be so, it is and WILL be for a very long time and important part of SEO. Here is why:

There are way too many "seo guys" and they all read the SEO Book... and everyone knows about PR - therefore the will preach PR, Sell PR and worship PR. It will remain VERY important for as long as it is part of Google Tool Bar!!!

Therefore, PR is important, because it attracts other web masters to exchange links with you.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, some SEO gurus here also mentioned that link exchange is useless... go figure :) ... I must be a moron that I spent so much time on getting good links... and it really probably does not work... lol

Good luck.
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