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How do i get a new roof over this porch that has drop?

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HO was thinking of replacing the deck roof with a hip here, i dont see a way to make it look right and work. He wants to turn this into a sunroom, the roof now is like a 1/12 pitch at best with that stupid corrugated fiberglass crap. Not sure how it holds the snow in the winter its all rotted to hell.

other end....

I've tried drawing something up and just cant come up with anything thats gonna look right. Anyone got some advice?
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I'm pretty sure the gable is nothing. deck sticks out 10', if i go to the existing ridge i can only get a 2.8/12 give or take. The end of the house with the gable is highly visible from the road, trying to avoid a dual pitch with a long shallow pitch.
raise it up and put a hip on it what's the problem?

I guess thats what im gonna have to take to him, from what i drew up gonna have to raise it 4'. I have a tendency to way overthink things, just getting some other opinions to make sure i wasnt overlooking the obvious. :eek:
There is a couple of ways to approach this...cost = shed...IMO
However to run a full hip on the back?? you have a serious height problem, as you will be higher then the original gable. By the look of the house....shed will be easier, clean and cost effective. Good luck

No matter what theres a height issue, a shed from deck edge to ridge is giving me under a 3/12. No way in hell building inspector will go for that.
He's just gonna keep it flat and put rubber on it i guess.
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