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How do I find the clients

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I have started a Master Commercial Handyman business doing Renos,Repairs,Plumbing,Drywall,Painting etc. At this time I cant afford to advertise so how can I find out WHO and WHERE my Clients might be for this type of service?
Hope somebody out there can tell me how to get the ball rolling!

With Thanks Wayne at [email protected]
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mdshunk said:
...I'm coming to the conclusion that qualified people don't exist any more, at any price. I can, will, and can justify paying higher than anyone in my area, and I still can't find guys who'll show up on time prepared to work. Yes, I am a little particular. I want the person to know their trade, and show up as scheduled to perform it. Maybe that's asking too much.
There it is. If you show up, do your job, and do it well, you have a wide open market in front of you. There's your sales pitch, from mdshunk's post. Take it and run with it...

Best wishes,
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