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How are you marketing the Energy Tax Rebates

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As we are going into the fall, which is usually prime window selling time, I was wondering how different companies are advertising this. The energy tax rebate seems to be a bit confusing for owners, sales people and consumers. How are you getting your ads to stand out.
We,for an example, will be giving "clinics" at our fall homeshow coming up at the end of August. Hopefully by then I can learn enough about this program to be dangerous.
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Did you get your money yet?
The government is giving homeowners a bail out.
The government is giving homeowners up to 30% tax credit to upgrade your windows to more energy efficient windows.
This is a great way to purchase even if you are only in the position to do a few at time.
I will have a product specialist come and visit with you to make sure you qualify for this program.
Are afternoons or evenings better for you?

Knock on as many doors as it takes each day to do this at least to 20 homeowners and you will have more windows leads than you know what to do with.

If you had 10-30 people knocking doors and doing this you may not know how to handle all the leads though, so be careful..

I hope this makes you rich$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Good luck and good selling
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We are definitely marketing the Energy Efficiency Tax Credit. We've sent some direct mail to targeted neighborhoods and sent a couple mailings to past customers as well as past window leads. We did have one person call in complaining about the wording of one of our direct mail pieces. She took offense to the fact that we said "Uncle Sam would pay you to replace your windows". So, even though I don't see an issue with that wording, the phone call made me sensitive to what people are thinking out there about our economy, government and tax credits. I want to make sure people are calling our office to make an appointment, not to argue politics with us! Just a heads up.
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