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...before they're allowed to post...and then get crucified (which is always fun, but may hurt some feelings :laughing:). Of course this may cut out a LOT of MY fun, but it's all in the name of the common good.

After reading the posting rules and recommendations:

1) Which question should you NOT be asking on CT within your first 25 posts:

a) How much grey-goose does rory drink in a week?
b) Did Bob ever really buy a new truck?
c) If you wanted to start cross-dressing, where's the best place to shop for man sized women's clothing?
d) How much should I charge? Whats the "going" rate?
e) Is there really a god, and if so, why is he so mad at me?

2) Which would be another 1st post "no-no"?

a) Trying to sell nokia phones
b) Data-mining (whatever that is)
c) Posting links to your favorite adult sites (you should PM those)
d) Going into great lengths about how good you are at what you do, including, but not limited to, special awards, made-up designations, and how much your mom likes your work

3) What should you do when other members start bustin' your balls (if ya got 'em)?

a) Pout, stomp your feet and tell everyone how mean they are.
b) See "a"
c) See "b"
d) See "c"

.... and yes, this is a trick question, so be careful :shifty:

4) Top reasons people don't put their location in their profile:

a) America's Most Wanted is always on the look-out
b) Location? You don't need no stinkin' location
c) May be having to "relocate" soon if the neighbors find out about them
d) Makes it more fun to ask questions pertaining on how to price their work in their area

Now this is just a start, other members may have some more helpful suggestions.

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Ok, J F, I busted my ass studying so I hope effort level counts. I won't take the easy way out but will instead answer your subset of questions. Here it goes... 1A: 7 gallons 1B: No, the bank bought it and Bob is paying them back 1C: Express for Men 1D: Whatever it takes to make my bank account "go" positive 1E: Not a chance

2A: I have a 580i Motorola in the median on interstate 271 near Boston Heights, Ohio. If you find it give me $5 and we're square. 2B: If you don't know, why should I? 2C: 2D: Voted most likely not to pass this test. Mom and Dad both said they're "hopeful."

3A: answer given 3B: drink 3C: drink liquor 3D: drink gasoline and just admit it's over

4A: "Arrested for what, baby? For being awesome?"...Lupus Grobowski 4B: Home Depot or Lowe's depending on proximity 4C: I only "relocate" after I've "located" my final check 4D: Sq. footage pricing doesn't work. Mine's by the square mile (job minimum of course.)

Please expedite my test results.

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1) Stupid Illegals
2) treefiddy
3) S.O.T
4) and my sister is also my ma...

bonus: the Government is after me!

Do I qualify to be on CT now?

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Not if you consider the date I joined!

... judges?
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