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House expoltion

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Yesterday afternoon a family in Knoxville suffered a huge lose when their home exploded from a gas leak, son of 18 years old died in the blast husband and wife in serious condition, everyone please keep them in your prayers.
Now to why I am posting, for about a day or so they were smelling gas fumes, call a "service handyman" out and find there is a leak at the fireplace so they "repair" it. Next day well you know the story, fire marshall says that it was from gas leak but yet to comfirm the source. SO for all you "service handymen" please please please do not DO it unless you are qualified and have INSURANCE.
Anyone in the Knoxville area that wants to help with clean up it will be a few weeks but trying to get a "Band Of Brothers" tegether to help with as much as possible :clap:
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Thats sad news. Esp seeings it could have been avoided. Very nearly happend to my bro in laws familey. Gas fitter come around. Connected up gas fire. then left and they called me 5 hours after saying house stunk of gas. I got round there and told them they was lucky they didnt give an ignition source. House would def have exploded. The idiot didnt do a pressure test on the fire after fitting it. Gas cap on left side of fire was lose.

Rob i just looked and had 2 empty PM's from you. Was they ment to contain anything?
Umm no I do not think so I havent messaged since our last conversation on your kitchen
Brings to mind "Ghost in the Machine"
Still taking it through with the wife. She spent $12k on a Ekornes sofa so budget is tight for house now. Just a shame we cant see the stuff in person. Thats the only reason she dont know if she wanna do it. :thumbsup: i will let ya know though.
maybe thats what those messages where I think I sent a message that I could sent up a local showroom where you could take a look let me know
Roberts Ren,

Interesting story but man did you massacre the spelling of e-x-p-l-o-s-i-o-n.

Carry on . . .
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Hey Tom KISS my e-x-p-l-o-s-i-o-n hahahaha thanks man
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