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Hotel bathrooms face lift.

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I need a little help pricing.

I do a lot of commercial work just not this type, 50+ bathrooms 4 at a time. I want the work and it would be nice to have a part time gig for a few months, but I also don't want to shoot my self in the foot.

Here's the scope
Typical hotel bathroom like a motel 6 or a best western

Strip wall paper and prep walls. (they've agreed to 150.00 just for this)
Prime and texture walls
Their staff will remove and replace the toilets.

Let me save everyone the typical answers:rolleyes:

Charge what you need....

If your a contractor you should know... (don't usually bid projects like this)

A little guidance would be great:thumbup:
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There's always the gut check rule.

ie If I were going to remodel my 50 commercial bathrooms (that are going to be destroyed with some regularity in all probability) what would I expect to pay? What would I expect to pay if I knew that the construction industry was in the biggest slump in the last twenty years? What would I expect to pay if I wanted someone I could trust with absolute certainty not to f up, not finish, burn down, rape the night clerk etc?

The corollary is what do you know about what they're proposing to do, that they don't know, that you can inform and guide them towards that will save them/make them money? Is there an easy touch up gloss paint they might use for example? Is there a color they're considering they should avoid. Is the heavy texture they're asking for going to double the application time and product required to repaint the room the next ten times they do it?

50x500 = $25000

Does that look right?
Great answer M&L, one of the best i've read in a while. Well Done :)
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