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Hot Tub Demo

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My folks have a pretty big hot tub that has stopped working and was lazily turned into a little dumpster next to their house for non-food things.

I participated in bringing it around the house and into place the first time, so I know it definitely should go out in pieces.

I don't really know what's inside a hot tub (yet) but I'm assuming a fresh pack of reciprocating saw blades will tear it all apart. Anything I need to watch out for?

I also considered smashing it with the tractor but the mess that would make might outweigh the fun I would have.
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Doubt there is anything to worry about that a decent mask and pair of gloves wont protect from.
I've done it. I cut one up into five pieces and threw it into a dumpster. Took two men a few hours.

Just make sure the power is disconnected and the water is blown out of the lines and have at.
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Piece of cake, just did one a couple of months make. Cut in half & half again then into the trailer to the dump.
call around... theres guys that will come get it for free.... theyll refurbish and resale
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