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Hot Dipped Galvanized Prep - blast or acid wash

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I have to bid a job to brush blast and paint a galvanized light pole - 100 feet high (its on the ground now)

Anyone know if an acid wash is sufficient prep for hot dipped galvanized or do i have to brush blast?

materials are Macropoxy primer and Acrolon 218hs top coat.

I have painted galvanized before but never new hot dipped galvanized.


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Hey NAV,

It's been while, but I have used a product designed to prime galvanized metals without blasting at all.

It's called GalvaGrip, and it's made by Madison Chemical.

It boasts of not needing to blast.

Check it out.
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I can not change the spec.

I am going to go with Clean and Etch to prep the pole. I looked at the job yesterday and got the contract this morning. We are heading out in about an hour.

I hope the acid wash preps it good enough because it will kick my a** to have to touch it up after they put it up.

I will look into that product for future application needs, thanks
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Blasting is best but a phosphoric acid wash should do the trick. We usually use a product called Ospho.
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