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Home Improvement Contactor License in NY

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Can anyone shed some light on this issue. I live in Queens, New York. Myself, and my 2 brother-in-laws decided to formally start up a home improvement business (Triple A Home Improvement Services) with the 3 of us as partners. I am in the process of getting a home improvement license for the company, which is an LLC. In New York, the Dept. of State did not require that all 3 names be listed on the application to form the company.

Can one member/partner obtain the home improvement license for the company and the other 2 work and be covered under that license? Or will each partner have to obtain their own license?
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Only one guy pulls permits one lic # should do it .
I'm 1 hr from the GW bridge and we don't need a licence in orange county .
It would be better if the county made it mandatory for every one to be licenced.
Every guy with a pickup truck and a dog is a contractor around here.
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