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hola, Scott Cason from Austin Rebuild Team, a partnership based residential project management company. After almost 30 years in commercial landscape construction, i gave up landscaping early in 2009 and began gaining experience in residential and multi-family "flips". in November, I organized Austin rebuild team to specifically focus on the first time home buyer market in Austin Tx. As opposed to a traditional general contractor, i offer construction and management at cost to investors for 50%-65% of the sale net profits. After many years of the dog eat dog bidding process, I really didn't want to be involved with that game any more and the angle I'm pursuing provides the motivation I need to keep pushing. Looking forward to picking up a lot of insight here.
If anyone needs help with landscape type issues, feel free to PM me, my experience is mainly in managing $30k to $4.4 million commercial installs but residential issues and design is where i started my career.

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