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Historic Restoration II

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starting this next week,
we lost this job 4 yrs. ago to another co.. they got fired along with the engineer and architect.
now to come and fix it.
the upper story walls will all come down and be rebuilt, along with the roof.
we rebid 70k in euros and have till 17 April 2014 to complete the first part.
the second consists of the interior and is 175k in work.
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Can you explain what they did. What you are fixing?
i have to tear down the second floor walls, redo, there is a 3 row brick over hang(ledge) to be done, finish the roof. raise a chimney, and 4 brick columns .

the story goes here that the money said needed to redo the house, inside and out,
wasn't enough to get them to what you see here.
all the inside is empty.

they got dicked pretty bad
Are those numbers pretty typical for that area?

I honestly never once paid attention to real estate prices while I was overseas. Probably because I was a stupid idiot.
Scaffolding up. Just intime.
sometimes winters suck.
well the bright side is that its more of a challenge

Owners are happy as hell, before we even started, they already recieved about 5k in change orders.

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I'm liking the site. I'd hate to put up all that scaffolding by myself, and especially once it's freezing.
No bamboo and bucket scaffold?...what kind of fun is that :thumbup:

Keep'em coming Bruno...this should be a interesting thread!
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Had to get one of these, 1100bucks, dang. with all that field around to urinate.
not having one would of been 3 times in fines.
gotta hook it up, then I'm putting a lock on it.
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Can't you just rent one? Having my own portable toilet to haul around and clean doesn't sound like much fun. Or does that one hook to the main plumbing?
they asked too much to rent (100 a month), this one can be hooked up to main plumbing too, which their isn't on the job-site
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i filed a stop order for the moment here, i have found several issues that need to be addressed before I start, I got everyone a little ticked at me, but I have evry legal right to do so.
There are water filtration issues not priced(water is penetrating from all orafices)
there are structural issues that need to be addressed(there is a few structural beams missing)
And their engineer has not signed all the waivers and permits
175,000 Euros? $240,000 USD?
this brick overhang is has not been done to my standards, its basically balanced on top of the wall with no ancorage to the wall, the wood is starting to rot and the crappy job of cementing the brick ledge to the roof has either raised, or the brick ledge has dropped an 1/8th of an inch.
the pointing seems like its been done in the dark, and algae has found a new home
I have plced a stop order for until the engineer has us do a change order, or absolves any and/or all responsibilities/liabilities for said overhang.
I am getting sick of seeing all these problems with expensive custom built homes.
This is one of the many problems that have arised.
The HO's seem to wanna put all contractors in the same basket, by blaming me in some way.
I said basically after she got mad at me for the stop order, "hey 'mam, its your house and I could give a **** if it crumbles to the ground, Its important after that I dont get the blame, These are your problems and I am here as a solution, if choosen, but not the problem"

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ok, did something this week here, The Engineer reluctantly signed off and the HO's are pissed and wanna break the contract.
But I worked it anyways,

raised one chimney and have started the caps, tuscany style.
finishing off whats left of the wall before the brick overhang.
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Are those numbers pretty typical for that area?
My area goes from 200-1000 a sq.ft living area, terrazzo's and garages about half.

here they are probably spending around 600k without the land
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