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historic ballustrade suppliers

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Anyone in the northeast have any links for historic millwork suppliers, preferably for exterior elements. Starting to do alot of restoration work, Yee-Ha!, and need some good sources Thanks guys
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Thanks Gene, but being "historical" it has to be wood. That way I have to do it again in 6 years because the H.O. wont keep up on painting. LOL
Just wondering Gene, since you are from Jersey, and in the concrete business, do you make "boots" on the side. LOL
Ooops sorry about the Jersey thing I meant NY
As I thought a wealth of information

I appreciate all the input guys. As of today I'm not sure which route the customer is going to take, it could be a restoration, or a preservation job. If it goes the restoration route I will need some new turnings to replace the balcony rails over the two main porches and some ballusters for a set of stairs. If it goes the preservation route I will need lots of Abatron. Jason and Derek I will keep you guys in mind. This is my first serious job in this area of work and I am excited,so until the customer decides what road she can go I'm just trying to compile resources and info. I will try and upload some pics if I can get them off my phone.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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