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Hiring a supersvisor

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My business has been picking up and I am on the verge of pulling the trigger to hire an assistant supervisor to help oversee my projects. This could free me up to sell more and grow to need more people. I was thinking of looking for military veterans to fill jobs.

Has anyone out there had any experience with hiring vets?

I know that there are vets are in need and I would like to help. Does anyone know the best pace to find such people?
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if you advertise for the job you'll get a couple of responses from vets...i wanted to hire a young vet. also when i hired a laborer a few months ago....i ended up hiring one, but one from the 1980's(i hired an old guy)
Make sure he is more skilled and smarter than you.
Can you promote from within? At least they will know your system and expectations.
I can't figure how guys who are actively working in the trades have trouble finding help.

Especially now days, cell phones & texting...:thumbup:

A few well placed calls should get the cavalry coming...:thumbsup:

But don't forget they come at a price...

Now for an "assistant supervisor", in your mind you are already trying to play this guy down and pay are probably trying to pay him less than he is worth.

A good hand is expensive, assistant super or not...
Your best bet is to advertise for help and see what you get. You are looking for a good supervisor not a vet. I think you will get vets applying and you can bias your hiring criteria toward them. But looking for a vet first and then trying to narrow down to a good supervisor candidate is backwards,

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