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hello guys and gals,just joined here and i appreciate all the informative posts and comments. i assume things are just as tough in your area as they are here in socal. was just reading about the new EPA lead regulations and all i can say is,the government pinheads will not be happy until they have put us all out of business,except for the lawyers of course:furious: anyway,looking for new ways to create leads and was thinking of hiring a sales person on a commission basis perhaps with shared marketing cost.i do pretty well selling once i get my foot in the door but marketing is not my forte. my thought is there should be plenty of unemployed and talented salespeople/realtors/marketing people out there to partner up with? 15% for every closed lead seem reasonable? have had mixed to poor results with direct mail postcards,print advertising etc,wish i still had that money! lol thanks in advance for your comments

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tree fitty

15% try tree fitty
The days of marking up a % is over
There is no room in any budget for a salesman
This slow market has pushed me to revamp my company,
In the past 2 years October thru January are my slow sales months
After fine tuning my company last year I haven’t slowed down yet, I have worked lined up until mid January.
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