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Hire a Canvassor?

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I do seamless gutters and was wondering if I should be hiring people to canvass for me instead of door knocking.

How much should I pay per lead or appointment?

I would say my average job is $800-$1200 with a 45% profit margin.

But I think I am going to make them stay in area's with bigger homes. So my per lead costs is worth it.

I was thinking $25 per appointment? I like the idea of a appointment. I would close 1 in 3 which would mean each is costing me $75.00. Does that seem right?

Will I find somebody to work for this. I know at $25 an appointment I could make $150.00 a day easy.

I really would like to stay away from hourly if at all possible.

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Carport King, that is good advice.

Perhaps you'll find canvassing so distateful you won't inflict anyone on the job; or if not, you will have enough respect for the process that you can guide and train your canvassers with real experience.

(I'm not the best at outbound sales, of any kind, it isn't my thing, but before I started my business I sold real estate for a couple of years and in pinch, can pull in an order or two -- and I certainly can relate to the frustrations and challenges of my sales team!)

You are also right in suggesting linking the canvassing to current jobs; it certainly makes it more humane and it is a much more valid approach -- and yes, the canvasser should "feel" and respect the work your non-canvassing staff actually perform.
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