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Hire a Canvassor?

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I do seamless gutters and was wondering if I should be hiring people to canvass for me instead of door knocking.

How much should I pay per lead or appointment?

I would say my average job is $800-$1200 with a 45% profit margin.

But I think I am going to make them stay in area's with bigger homes. So my per lead costs is worth it.

I was thinking $25 per appointment? I like the idea of a appointment. I would close 1 in 3 which would mean each is costing me $75.00. Does that seem right?

Will I find somebody to work for this. I know at $25 an appointment I could make $150.00 a day easy.

I really would like to stay away from hourly if at all possible.

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If you think you could make $150 a day easy.... why not tell them where to go and pay them $10 an hour? that's only $80 a day, you save money lol

even $10 an hour is high for a canvasser, $9 would be more the going rate, at least here in cali where wages tend to be higher. now you're down to $72 a day.

I don't know how much per day workman's comp would be on the kid, but it couldn't be enough to make it cost you more than that $150/day you think you could rake in doing it yourself
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