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Hire a Canvassor?

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I do seamless gutters and was wondering if I should be hiring people to canvass for me instead of door knocking.

How much should I pay per lead or appointment?

I would say my average job is $800-$1200 with a 45% profit margin.

But I think I am going to make them stay in area's with bigger homes. So my per lead costs is worth it.

I was thinking $25 per appointment? I like the idea of a appointment. I would close 1 in 3 which would mean each is costing me $75.00. Does that seem right?

Will I find somebody to work for this. I know at $25 an appointment I could make $150.00 a day easy.

I really would like to stay away from hourly if at all possible.

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Paying by the appointment is a good way to do it. They should be considered independent contractors and no worries about minimum wage.
If you think you could make $150 a day easy.... why not tell them where to go and pay them $10 an hour? that's only $80 a day, you save money lol

even $10 an hour is high for a canvasser, $9 would be more the going rate, at least here in cali where wages tend to be higher. now you're down to $72 a day.

I don't know how much per day workman's comp would be on the kid, but it couldn't be enough to make it cost you more than that $150/day you think you could rake in doing it yourself
Because when you make a offer and they except it, you will have a fixed lead cost. Someone knocking doors is often unsupervised. Do you really want to have a employee that does not guarantee to produce.

Knocking on doors takes alot of motivation. Only a rare person can stay enthusiastic after rejection. $125 day or more will buy consistency
I am thinking about hiring a canvasser but not to knock on doors.

I want him to pass out flyers to every house that looks like it needs a roof.

I also want him to carry a clip board and write down the address of every house that gets a flyer, and then I’ll have someone enter the data into our Marketing software to build my mailing list.

Give me your feedback on this approach.
Your results will be much better if you have him knock n the door and speak with the homeowner
I agree. Sometimes you work an area where you never get bothered about a permit, and sometimes you just have that person who looks for you and like to call the cops.

The one really good thing about having a permit is that you get a background check on the canvasser at the same time.
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