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Hire a Canvassor?

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I do seamless gutters and was wondering if I should be hiring people to canvass for me instead of door knocking.

How much should I pay per lead or appointment?

I would say my average job is $800-$1200 with a 45% profit margin.

But I think I am going to make them stay in area's with bigger homes. So my per lead costs is worth it.

I was thinking $25 per appointment? I like the idea of a appointment. I would close 1 in 3 which would mean each is costing me $75.00. Does that seem right?

Will I find somebody to work for this. I know at $25 an appointment I could make $150.00 a day easy.

I really would like to stay away from hourly if at all possible.

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I would only use canvasing if I was trying to break into a new area. I'm develped enough locally, that I get enough local work. But I'd like to expand and use some canvasing.

I'd probably be wanting to do it myself.

No one else is going to care as much as the owner of the company doing it.

The owner is less likley to get a door slammed in his face.

$150 a day is not going to keep a good salesman happy, motivated, and make him care enough in the summer heat.

I think canvasing is best done, 3 to 4 hours in the evening, and 3-4 days a week. Never on the weekends.

For me, If I'm closing 1-2 good jobs a week, that's all I can handle so it's not as important for me as it is for gutter jobs, where you can do 2-3 a day.
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