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Hilti ps 200 ferroscan system

PS 200 M Ferroscan monitor
PS 200 S Ferroscan scanner
1 battery pack
32mb Sandisk media card
Sandisk card reader
padded case for scanner (I think)
10 reference grid sheets
assorted paperwork
2 product certificates with serial numbers

This tool is for detecting rebar in concrete structures.

from their website-
- Rebar verification and analysis

- Checking concrete coverage over large areas for structural repair work

- Building acceptance inspections and quality control

- Coring and hammer drilling without costly rebar hits and avoidance of damage caused by cutting through structurally significant reinforcement

I'm a cabinetmaker, so I don't have a use for this thing. Hilti says this kit is $13,000 new. The guy I got it from is a general, says he used it one time for one job and never used it again. Neither the scanner or monitor have any signs of use; scratches etc. The kit is missing one battery, and the battery charger.

Prices from Hilti for replacement parts-
Battery model PSA 80- $213
Battery charger model PUS 80- $74

If someone wants to buy this thing I'll buy the replacement parts or we can take the replacement parts cost out of the sale price.
I'm asking $10,000 or make an offer.

(530) 526-8557

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