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Hilti PR 26 Laser Level

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Hi my name is Mike and it has been 1 day since my last tool purchase. So i am getting whoozy and need to convince myself that i need the PR 26. It seems like it is a site tool, but i think i can find more uses. Doors, windows, walls, etc. Or maybe its that i am paying 2400 for the name and there may be one cheaper that does same thing. Any of you can't live without the laser levels? I think i could use it for decks, doors, framing, railing, etc...hopefully im right.
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There are better lasers for half the price.

Go to

I have 2 CST Bergers complete kits with interior mount, tripod, etc. These lasers are also available with the green beam like the Hilti, and are even more accurate. They have all the same features as the Hilti like adjustable beam, laydown mode, remote control, etc. plus they are dual slope capable, have a plumb beam, and more. Check some of my other posts on lasers.
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