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From MD.
My background is in my profile and I've attached my business card.
The main thing I can add is that I am lucky enough to have a wonderful, beautiful, brilliant wife who just became a named partner at her law firm (I could never stand to do that work).


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Unusual intro, profile, and business card.

But welcome to CT anyhow!:thumbsup:
I hope that you will enjoy making new friends and building up your business at the same time.
Welcome to CT. Are you printing your own cards? If so, I'd suggest you find an online place to do it for about $20.
Welcome to CT!!! ;)
Its a good thing i decided to read the back of that card. At first glace i though maybe you specialized in rehabs in Mt Vernon.

Anyhow, welcome, from another subject of the people's republik of marylandistan.

BTW, you need to list your MHIC license number on things like business cards here in Md, when used to advertise residential work, amoung other things.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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