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Hi from St. Augustine, Fl

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Hi guys, my name is Rob and I'm 35 . I have what the county calls a class 2 Building Maintenance License. Basically just a handyman and remodeling contractor. I started out doing rehab in S. Fl working for my step-dad in '01 with my brother teaching me all the basics. I did that for 2 years and then came up to Saint Auggie to help a friend rehab a house that she had bought and ended up marrying the girl this year. I kind of worked under the radar for a few years and decided to go "legit" so I could advertise and get my name out there and generally just "get to it".
I like to learn stuff and am always trying to keep up with what's new. I went to college for music on trombone and I also play Bass guitar in a garage band and try to do a little recording now and then. I'm trying to get into woodworking and paintbrushing but right now I'm just tryin to get the business going.
I've been on the site for a week or so now and it is huge!! I'll probably spend years reading all this stuff. I think it's cool that so many people come on here on a regular basis and seem to really want to help people. I'm sure I'll get to know some of you guys eventually. Thanks for offering such a great site for people to hang out, forum gods whoever you are(by the way a little new to this sort of format so please excuse my lack of awareness on the ins and outs of who is who and who does what). Awesome!!
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Hey DEFT, welcome to CT, good to have you, GMOD
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