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Hi all,
I know, you're all thinking "Just what the world needs, another handyman!" The reality is that I'm a pond builder. I build water gardens, fish ponds, streams, waterfalls and anything else that has to do with water. In the winter, I take on side jobs doing anything I can to keep the child support paid. The last couple of years has been slow with the pond business (who has money for landscaping?) so the handyman has grown through word of mouth and continued through the summers.

I had a client ask me last month what I think of the economy. He had called me to paint his kitchen for him. My answer was, I'm busy, so the economy sucks. If the economy was doing well, you would have hired a professional painter instead of a handyman. He thought about it for a second and said "I never thought of it that way, but your right. The builder next door was telling me that he has no work." This guy works for FAA and used to work for NASA. He lives in a million plus dollar house, and he's calling a handyman.

I know a lot of contractors look down on handymen. They think we don't know what we're doing, we're stealing work, etc. etc. The fact is, some handymen don't know what they're doing. Just like some painters don't, some framers don't, some GCs don't, some masons don't, some doctors don't, and on and on. But some of us DO have good work ethics and do quality work. I like to think I'm one of those. Just because I'm inexpensive doesn't mean I'm not good or don't take pride in my work. As for the stealing work part... a HO wouldn't be calling a handyman if they could afford a contractor. These people weren't going to call a contractor, so how is the handyman stealing the work?

Don't get me wrong, I haven't had time to read through a lot of posts yet and I don't know if the "handyman prejudice" is on here or not. I'm just letting people know how I think, I'm letting you guys get to know me a bit, that's all.

I actually found this forum when I googled "shelves for trailers". I just swapped my dump trailer for an 8x16 enclosed trailer. I haven't been hauling much rock lately, but I'm tired of loading and unloading my tools every day. Now I just need some down time to outfit the trailer so I can start using it.

Anyway, my name's Derreck, I'm a handyman from NH. I'm not getting rich, but I'm keeping my bills paid.
Gotta go build some closets.

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