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Hey Grumpy

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I saw your post on Rich's site about places to submit articles to get promotion for you biz, so I spent 30 minutes this morning searching on google for info about a subject and wrote an article and sent it out to those places you listed.

One place emailed be back with link to the article on their site already:

Thanks for the idea! :Thumbs:
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I think I have a few articles at that site. I need to add more.

No problem on the heads up. I'd like to think I am a pro on free advertising ;) LOL I am just a cheap ass :)
Oh yeah send that article to Nate for his DIY site too.
I'm working on right now. Its going to have diy how to articles, calculators, forums (previously and more.

Just keep that in mind. I'm looking for articles for that site.
Nate you can cut and paste it, no problemo, the least I can do for you.

If you guys know of any other places to submit to I sure would like to know.
I have to run off to an estimate. I have a list of sites I'll post when I get back.
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