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Hey from nz

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Hey all! My names dan and I'm a carpenter working in New Zealand, I've been building since I was 15 on and off in the school holidays then went full time on my 16th birthday (now 24) and still going strong.. Im a residential foreman ATM working on heritage home and the tricky jobs which I enjoy. I also do a bit of timber flooring. IWouldn't mind getting into a bit of commercial foreman work this year just to expand the old work experience !!:)
On a personal level, I'm 24, got two kids and the soon to wife to go along with it.. And now a personal escape within the walls of this forum !!:)
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Welcome to the boards. How's the progress in Christchurch? The place must be noisy with hammers and machines these days.
Thanks guys, I only moved to christchurch 7 months ago from Auckland. But what I'm seeing is that most of the people have had their insurance paid out and they've move on/ fixed their house, the other group of people are still fighting insurance companies for what their owed.. Eg my boss, his insurance company won't pay out for his place
In town they've demolished a lot of buildings and are prepping all the services in the ground for the new buildings.. So I would say it's busy but once the commercial building takes off it will be crazy busy
I used to live right next to Hagley Park and the Art Center. What a damn shame that fell in the Quake. I'll be interested to see how they rebuild it.
Ah awesome! How did you enjoy christchurch? So are you a kiwi living in colorado? Yeah it's like the old cathedral getting destroyed.. They built a new one out of cardboard tubes.. Looks kinda cool ..
Not a kiwi but in love with your country. I did the hitch hiking thing after high school. Many years later I talked my husband in to getting his master's degree in NZ. Uni of Canterbury is where he got accepted.

I had my first child over there at that time. I'm happy to say she is a dual citizen. Loved Ch.Church and its charm. Loved Bank Peninsula. Hagley Park was my refuge while my guy was in school everyday. Saw my first All Blacks game. Now my daughter doing a year abroad in the N. island. Great country you have there.

Cardboard tubes?
Ah awesom!! That's always lucky for kids to have the duel citizenship!!:) did you work in the trade over here?? Defiantly very luck to have had the chance to travel and study over here!!!
Here's a little info on the church...
Ex-pat ChCh too

In Perth now, 7 yrs ago, lovely place, brutal working conditions now. When I left NZ I was getting $NZ45 an hr contracting to all my clients, then Perth $AUD55 hr, now down to $AUD38 hr. Irish and Kiwis have moved here like me! watered don the pay packet...
Labor over spent ALL the mining boom money and more, so she's not the 'lucky country' as you may hear about.

I hear not much building going on and the place is full of Irish - just like here!

We just sold our house in Linwood, built in 1946, stayed up! A few cracks in the walls, drive conc spread a bit....

I too came across this forum. Google'd it for spray topping on gyprock.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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