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here's the bill, and here's a little more

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I am getting ready to turn a bill in to a customer. Initially it was 2950 for a complete office building, new construction. Like a one story, 3 bedroom but the church was going to use it for an office. Since i am new to this I went at a suggested price and got the job. along the way the supervisor of the job has given me a few tasks and we have settled on a price. My brother who is helping me and has more experience painting says i should add a travel charge to help with the bill since the price is so low and we are doing such a good job. The man has already offered me other jobs, and i dont know what to do. I dont want to haggle him on this and lose the connection, but i know i bid low. I didnt lose out or anything. Someone help!!
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Bite the bullet buddy, only write a change order for work in play, I wouldn't haggle over gas now. Next job adjust your rate. This whole biz is steak and patato's one day, cracker's and water the next. I'd get used to it if you plan to stay.

I agree with glass. You would not be acting in good faith if you added more money to the bill now, because you wern't upfront about the travel charge.

You might get paid the travel charge, but you will certianly NOT have a happy customer.

Next time document any additional work that isn't in the contract. If it's a suprise to you like rotten wood in remodeling, then call the customer and say "there is some bad wood it has to be replaced it will cost $X." Don't forget to figure your travel into the $X.

Customers just hate additional charges but they can stomach it if you are upfront and don't just wait till the end to give them an inflated bill.
Come on now, I don't care how inexperienced you are, adding charges to your bill that weren't discussed with your customer is a sure way to get a reputation as either somebody that doesn't know what they are doing or somebody that tries to nickle and dime the customer after they get the job. Either one is not what you want to be known for. Do the job for what you agreed on, that is the right thing to do and the best path to follow.

In the future, start writing up contracts for jobs, and use change orders for extra work. Keep everything in writing because there will come a day when you and your customer are going to be at odds due to poor memories.

thanks for the advice. i decidedd to not add that charge and everything went well.
Glad to hear it. Keep us posted on your future jobs and feel free to share and ask for advice.
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