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Here is a good one

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so on July 2nd i get a call from an engineering firm out of South Dakota (i am in Cleveland, Ohio). hey need a hot dipped galvanized cell phone tower painted by July 7th. its 100 feet long with a circumference of 14 feet.

I tell them $4,200.00 to acid etch, prime with Macropoxy 646 and finish with Acrlon 218 HS. I knew they were in a jam so i taxed them a little.

I get a call yesterday. the pole is now installed and they don't like the color; the need a price to paint it wile it is up. at least its only 97 feet long now.

here are some pics.


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I would roll it from the ground using an extension pole
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make sure they rent the 100' boom lift.:thumbup:
make sure they rent the 100' boom lift.:thumbup:
My thoughts as well.
The lift cost for a 120' straight boom is about $4,800 a week (delivery and fuel included).

I am going to have my guys climb it i think. they will use a light weight spider to access the pole. It adds to the labor but saves money overall.
You didn't "tax" them too bad. Your price comes out to about .96 per SF to etch and 2 coats of hish performance coatings and probably to a specified thickness.
We do work on cell towers. Protect yourself. You need a special training certificate to work at the top of working cellular towers. The training cost us $3600. Also, they don't look like they move too much at the top when you're standing on the ground. Once you get up there, there's a bit of a rocking motion you have to compensate for. Torch cutting a hand hole or cable way and welding the ring in is quite taxing. Give yourself some leeway with labor, because your target moves. I liken the sensation to trying to throw darts, where you're sitting in one ferris wheel, and the dart board is on a ferris wheel next to you.

Or, maybe my inner ear is just screwed up from listening to too much Pink Floyd when I was a kid.
It's really not that bad. If you need help figuring things out or maybe pass the job on give me a call. We do this type of painting all the time.
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