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help with dark stain

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I just got done staining a red oak floor with a dark stain (my first time using stain)
Before I stained I ran the OBS 18 with 120 grit paper mostly running the machine with the grain, except the last few rows where my back hit the wall I ran the machine perpendicular to the boards, and well it shows up like a sore thumb, 3 obvious rows coming through the stain looks like the outside of the machine left 3 inch rows.

Can I hand sand out and re stain? Is there a trick to getting a blend? What should I do? re-staining the floor is out of the question everything else looks great. I thought you could run this machine any direction but boy did that turn out to be a mistake. Any help thanks.
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If this is for a client, your best bet would be to suck it up and call a real HW guy to fix it. If you think you're in a hole now, wait until it's poly'd, looks like ass, and the HO is PO'd.

JM2C (Actually more like a dime).
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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