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Help with cost breakdown please

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My partner and I are new to the building scene and are about to purchase our first lot/s. We are going with a 1600 sf ranch, 4bed, 2.5 bath on 1 acre. My lots are running around 10k with public water/sewar. Our modular home is going to run us around 55k and ranches in my area are going for about 1.10 sf. I have a breakdown that we have been working on. Can someone please look at it and tell me if we are pretty much on target? Thanks in advance.

Land 10,000
lot prep 2,500
foundation 10,000
modular 55,000
poured basement 2,500
set crew 8,000
finishing crew 4,000
garage 10,000
blacktop drive and sidewalks 8,000
porch and deck 4,000
sewer tie in 1,500
electric 4,000
landscape 2,000
misc 10,000


I can sell this high quality modular for around 180k(worst case 165k)
Remember, this is a modular and the elec,plumbing is mostly all in place. We are using precast foundations(but will do block if the savings is there along with framing out the basement ect)

If anyone can send me their cost breakdown on a modular, I would greatly appreciate it for comparison. Any other helpful reading material also appreciated greatly and I will be more than happy to share what I have on my drives also(I have alot).

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I love your spirit of optimism, let me know how you make out.
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