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I quoted the guy today $1000 had a early 60's ford Galaxy he wants the total body done and front clip firewall. I told him I can use soda or walnut. I told him to do some research and that what ever media he wants will still get into cracks. He liked the idea that with soda you can leave it while you do you body work and it wont rust. I don't know who to believe when it comes to soda. The guy that sold me the thing said he has done 1000 cars over the last 20 years and none have came back. He said if you wash it with hot water and dawn dish soap it wont peel. Then I read stories on the internet about people with peeling paint. I just told him to wash it with hot water. He said he can hook his hose up to his hot water heater and use that. Doesn't seem worried about it. I offered either way plastic is too expensive and I'm not experienced enough to try glass once you warp it you can't go back.

Look in to carrying the Hold tight 102 product for your soda customers. Its the best product for removing the soda residue. If they are spending a $1000+ to blast a car another $50 for the product isnt that big a deal. They run it through a pressure washer to clean the car. I suggest telling every customer that you blast with soda that the residue needs cleaned off before painting. Unless you wanna get sued by a pissed off customer that spends alot of my for a paint job that peels off.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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