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I’m getting ready to do my first trade show. “Going Green” in 2 weeks
I’ve got a 4x8 booth to set up in cost around $250.
The last few years it’s drawn over 7000 people.
I plan on blasting a few old metal things (with glass and soda) to lay out, burn some wood and clean one side, etch some granite stone…
I know the guy putting it on, last year the DRY Ice man was there. got lots of leads. but he will NOT be doing it this year. (he is 62 and wants to sell not blast)
So I will be the only blasting co. there.
Idea’s from anyone about what to do or WATCH OUT for? :notworthy

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I used to set up and work trade shows.

Your most important thing to accomplish ,is to catch peoples attention and get them to stop and look.

Use your walls, Build a display that will slow people down,Poster sized photos are one idea.
Old picture frames with fabric covered panels could be used to mount your display pieces.

People go to these shows to be entertained and maybe gather a few ideas-Make you booth as eye catching as possible.Fun even.

I think you have the idea. If they don't stop -you can't sell--Make it interesting enough to stop.
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