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Help me plan/build new shop

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Ith out getting into the gory details.... The new shop is going to be rather large.

My current shop is 35x50 with 12' ceiling
New shop is projected at 50x60 with 14' at the wall, 16' at the center

I have some drawings I have made... Both of the current and the projected.

The current shop, the 4x4 squares are equal to 5'
The new shop the 4x4 squares are 4'. There is a 6' 'gap'? Between the drawing of the new shop and the plans I have drawn up, I'll make that difference up in the isles...

The new shop will hopefully have a dedicated spray booth on the second floor.

A full bathroom with a shower stall.
Room for two trucks...

Anyways, onto the pics

First the old shop
Then the 1st floor
Then the 2nd floor


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The tool boxes are auto related along with the red bench, I want those close to the trucks... I want a wood working section(shooting myself in the thumb with a brad nailer was too much fun). A welding section, and a paint section....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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