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First of all, just want to say this site is awesome resource. I little about my self.
I wanted to go back to the electrical field with no luck, I been working as a Building Maintenance Technician.

I do not have a job so I offer my services as:
RMO Responsible Managing Officerfir
RME Responsible Managing Employee
QTP Qualifier Partner
Joint Venture (joint Licenses) my B and your C
Your construction Experience + my License =
New Company.

I have a California B1 General Building Contractor Licence, Inactive/Clean Lic # 908138
I am available to qualify for a responsible Company or a Individual Person, looking to extend their scope of operation in California.

Must no have any skeletons in the closet, be ethical an follow all (CSLB) California State License Board Rules.
You have a job for my in your Company?
I Just want to work.
Thanks you in advance and I look forward
to hearing you responses.:

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What are you all hopped up on? Might want to take a few communication classes and start over, I was entertained but don't have a damn clue what you really want.

General Contractor
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I'm sorry I made you thing
I offer my service= want a job as a RMO RME etc
In California if you have a B License you can qualify at to 3 companiys
In the General Building Big Business is no only Electrician,painters, carpenters etc. your Company needs RMO/RME/President/CEO/Marketing Director/Project Manager/Project Manager/Project Account/Construction Estimator/Sales Person/Construction Manager/Estimator/ ETC.
Likely you you will meet the owner.

Yes I believe I need communication classes.But I'm tired, I have to take classes, I have a B1 a2 years in Auto Mechanic I and II
Auto Body work and Paint. etc Tell me what you have
I'm not a Psycholgist to diagnosis ADHD

Juan M Durant
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