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Hello everyone, I'm glad I found this forum.

I'm pretty new in the fence business. This is my second full year and was wondering if I could get some advice. I've got some questions.

1)First off, I've had a very hard time figuring out what to charge. I do pretty much all kinds of fence (comm. and resi. chain link, vinyl, wood) I wish there was a book I could look up. Any suggestions. A couple of bids I'm doing now is for some 8' commercial ch. link. This is the toughest thing for me to get down. I understand it differs based on the area.
Any suggestions anyone?

2)Also, one of the bids I'm doing has about 80 holes that have to be drilled through asphalt. The little beaver tells me that their 5 hp briggs model with a carbide tip works well, but I'm not so sure if I believe it. I've been told to use a jackhammer or concrete saw. I'm looking for the most economical way to do this because I have a feeling I'll run into this more than a few times. I don't have the money yet for a tractor or bobcat but maybe I can rent one.
Any suggestions.

3)Does anyone have the little beaver? How do u like it? Anyone have any other recommendations?

4)Gates, any good way to set the posts so that the gates line up like they are supposed to? If it is a 20 foot cant. or swing gate for example, do I measure exactly 20 ft from inside to inside?

5)Does anyone know of a good company that sells fence equipment, such as augers, stretchers, heavy equipment, etc... Also is there such thing as a pickup truck mounted auger and where can I find one?

6)Does anyone recommend any good software programs for fence contractors?

Well that's all for now. Thanks very much in advance, I look forward to your replies.

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