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Handyhands had great wording and suite 1 makes a good point that it should be sent through the mail.

I suggested to my roofing buddy that while he's in the area completing a job that he drive up and down the street and look at people's roofs. If he sees a problem with shingles, flashing, chimneys, etc. Stop by and knock on the door.

"Hi sir, I'm AJ with XYZ roofing. We're just finishing you neighbors the Johnson's and I noticed that you had a problem with your roof. I wanted to make sure you were aware of the problem so it doesn't become an issue this winter. Do you know that your BLAH BLAH BLAH? Here, step outside and I'll show you....."

This way it doesn't come across as your prospecting for business and shows that as a contractor you genuinely care about people in your community. Typically the homeowner flips the question, "How much does that cost to get done?"

You have to be careful because you've approached them casually and so that is a casual question and your bid will be taken casually but the real goal is to get that business while standing in the yard. Ask the question, "Is it something you really want to have done quickly or could you really care less for the time being?" This questions his sense of how important he feels the issue is his sense of urgency.

"I wasn't quite prepared to give you a bid but let me tell you how I'd go about it..." Describe your process, material used, reputation in the industry, what seperates you from others, etc. AND you MUST SAY "that's why your neighbors, the Johnsons, decided to use us for their repair. " This gives you SOCIAL PROOF. The HO thinks, "Well good. They did all the work of weeding out the bad ones."

"If it's something you want to get together on down the road it's $1,500. I'm not sure when I could fit it in as I've got the calendar full for my crew through January . However I'd suggest youget it done sooner than later with whoever. However since the crew is here and I'm got more material coming in I could have them drop some bundles here, that would save me a bit of money, and I wouldn't have to juggle the crews between jobs, that would save a bit....If you wanted to get it going I could do this for $1000 and have it done by the end of the week. Let me tell John and I'll get you started Thursday, and between now and them you can drive by the Johnsons and see what we're doin down there. fair enough?"

My friend says he gets 2 jobs for every 1 he's completing and it keeps going.
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