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Hi there! I'm Steve. I'm a jack of all trades carpenter for a small local remodeler here in San Jose. We contract with Pella as one of their local in house window installers, also for a small distributor here called Hubbard Windows and Doors. We also do kitchen and bath remodels, along with the occasional addition.

As for myself, I put in almost 5 years doing window and door installs for various distributors before I got bored of it and wanted to try something else. Been doing kitchens and baths for the last 2 and a half years or so and loving the change. At the moment, that side of the business is slow, which means I'm back doing windows for a bit.

I'm the guy who's not afraid to tell the guy I'm working with that he's a moron, even if he outranks me. I'm not sure that's a good thing, but I know that it's bad business to let the moron be a moron, so it can't be so bad, right? :laughing: I have a big ego, but I think it's pretty well deserved. I believe in making myself more valuable, learning as much as I can, and whatever I do, doing it RIGHT and to the very best quality that I am capable of doing. I lack respect for anyone who offers any less.

Other than that, I'm generally a goof ball and pretty laid back. This looks like an awesome knowledge pool and I look forward to getting to know you all!
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Another carpenter with an ego? Who would of thunk it? So what does the A stand for?

Welcome to CT Steve
A is for Adam ;)
Not that it's hard to guess, but I had a helper when I was still installing windows that was.... slow. "Uhh.." in front of every sentence, had to tell him a few times to do something before he'd do it. That's what I get for asking for someone with no experience so I could train them from scratch. I ended up having to fire him because I couldn't even justify paying him $8 an hour.
Hi, I just joined this site, too. The warning about these topics potentially causing injury or death is a bit scary, though.
I know, right? I'm scared that if I get too emo someone will come beat the crap out of me, which could surely cause injury or death.
In case anyone was wondering how to pronounce my last name, it's exactly how it's spelled. SO SOUND IT OUT! ;) Actually, just split it in half. Winkle... pleck... easy! When I get my license, rest assured, Winklepleck will be nowhere in my company name :no:

The name is dutch, if, again, anyone was wondering ;)
The name is dutch, if, again, anyone was wondering ;)

There is a thread for that called "what are you" or something.

Be cool, listen, learn, share and you will have a good time here. :thumbsup:
I'm seeing your company name as S.A.W. Construction

That will be $49.95
I just bought the domain name too. Thats gonna cost ya plenty!

Welcome aboard Steve.
Did you get teased for that name in school ?
Mine is similar and I used to catch some crap for it from time to time
You have no idea
Did you get teased for that name in school ?
Mine is similar and I used to catch some crap for it from time to time
Ya it is hard to find good help. You do have to be versatile in this business sometime. Remodeling kitchens is one of the most cost effective things you can do. Bathrooms a close second. Those are the workhorses of the house. All the new fixtures that are available is mind boggling. The kitchen is the new hangout place. Add two recliners and a little tv and live there.
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