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I would consider myself a "handyman" who is on the journey of starting a construction company. Mapquest said it is going to be a very long trip...

I have been reading the forums for a month or two and decided to join so that I can ask some questions.

I started a company this year called Pinnacle Property Care, we were originally going to provide lawn care,landscaping, cleaning, janitorial, maintenance etc. as well as do property preservation work and in the future I had hopes of doing some rental management. Basically any type of "Property Care".

I started doing a lot more "handyman" type work than any of the above. In fact, the few jobs I took cleaning quickly taught me that it was not for me. I would much rather build or repair something than mop or buff a floor.

I was a one man show up until about 4 months ago, when I hired my first full time employee. A helper with no experience...

I have been told that I should change the name of the company as we no longer do any lawn care or janitorial type work. We still do the occasional property preservation job when the money is right though.

Up until recently I thought I had it all figured out as far as what to charge and my O/P. I have read this forum, had help from my father ( I life long contractor with many businesses) and a few books.

Unfortunately, I'm not doing as well as I thought. So I hope to ask questions and get advice from more seasoned contractors and hopefully find a mentor in my area.
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Welcome aboard! Changing your name now would be the time to do it, though make sure all your customers from the past know the name change and scope of the business long as they're good customers, you don't want them looking you up in the future only to find that they can't find ya!
I'm still not sure that I want to change the name. I agree that it may not sound like a normal construction company, but then again... I do not want to be a normal construction company. I am still considering it and asking myself how big of a difference it will make in the long run.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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