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Hello from the world of windows and doors

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I located this site and felt that I may have some useful insight. I have been in the fenestration industry for 30+ years. Right out of high school. 10 in manufacturing, 20+ in engineering from design, testing, fabrication, to installation, installation training etc. After so long, you get exposure to most everything in your chosen industry.
I am looking forward to maybe helping out, but I also look forward to learning new things from the experts.
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Welcome Fenestrationman!

Maybe one day you'll tell us who makes the best windows and doors.
Welcome FenMan...

Vinyl extrusion per chance? Glass man? Peddler?:laughing::laughing::laughing:
Timeless Quality
Why Fenestrationman you ask. Fenestration - Any transparent or translucent glazing material in the envelope of a building. Basically the window and door industry. Also includes skylights, storefront and curtainwall.
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