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Hello from (not so sunny today) North Carolina

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I just signed up and wanted to say hey.

I run a small welding/ fabricating shop located near Asheville, NC.
We specialize in ornamental and miscellaneous metals for the construction industry.
We are fully insured and will be getting AWS D1.1 certs very soon. (till then I have connections with several certified welders that I can use to stay code compliant)

I have been in various metal trades for the better part of 25 years and have been doing the ornamental/misc metals gig professionally for 10 years.

I pulled the trigger on opening my own shop in Jan '09 and so far so good, let's see where it goes from here.

I've got a plan and that plan is good.

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Good luck with your shop.
And welcome.

Hello from "not so sunny SC today either". Good luck with your shop. I also 'just hung out my shingle' here in Columbia SC, and know how hard it is to start a business.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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