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Just a quick hello from a gray haired guy.

Have build many homes here in the Vancouver BC area
since 1988. Lots of renovations and TI before that.
Have kept track of the new homes that we have completed and were now on #99.
My kids say "100 and yer done ....." Not.

Trained as a cabinet-furniture maker back in the late 70s.
After years of being in the shop I found it too dusty and left to go work for a high end GC who used our firm for cabinets and millwork.
Started from the bottom and worked my way up.

Been building homes since 88 and been on my own since 94.
The homes that we now build take from 1.5 up to 4 years to build.
That's why the grey hairs....or is it from the kids ? :whistling
After all these years I still love building homes.

Hope to meet some of you !!

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Thank you for the warm welcome gentlemen.

The duration of the projects is because of several factors.
Complexity, size and site access to the home.
Most of the homes it's the scope of detailing that the architect along with designers throw at the project.
Then come the changes by the client which as we all know can add considerable time. At times I consider myself as a full scale model builder. :eek:
Most homes will have hundreds of pages of design drawing.
Then come shop drawings that need approval from all parties and you can see where I am going with this.
Sometimes a simple thing can get held up by parties for weeks........grrrrr.

Another thing that we do when building a wood frame home is wait till the moisture content in the framing is less than 11% in all areas before we insulating the home.
This typically will add 2 to 3 month on a given project.

If you come to Horseshoe Bay via ferry you'll see my site from the ferry as it's a waterfront build with a tower crane set up.
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