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Hello from Nj

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Hi everyone -

Well my name is Nick and Im 24 from Central Nj. Ive technically been in the trades full time for 2 years but have been working for my uncles Mechanical company in the summers since I was 15. After enrolling in Villanova for accounting I decided to pursue contruction after graduation, never was to fond of office work.

With that said, right now I work alongside a carpenter who was previously a sub for my uncle and he and I are now a mini GC with in our company if you will. We do all the GC work that comes along with many of the mechanical contracts from masonary to rigging to calculated demo.

I am very happy with what I am doing now and having the opportunity to work with family but what I love to do is carpentry from framing to detail trim and even some woodworking. Afterall, I did win woodworker of the year in 8th grade shop class :party:

We are currently working on finishing one of the rentals in our building, 1200sq luxury office space after taking it down to the outside walls. Ill get some pics up asap.

Anyway, enough rambling. Ive been lurking the site for some time and just decided to post. I love the site and have already learned so much. There are some real craftsmen on here. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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Nice intro and profile.

Welcome to CT. Jump on in!:thumbsup:
Wecome Nick. Nice to see another Jersey guy on board.:thumbsup: BTW, Central Jersey typically means Northern South Jersey.:laughing:
hmm, in that case I guess Im North jersey haha. Im in Clark and our shop is in Fords. Ive seen alot of your work on the site lone, very nice stuff.
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